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Flamborough Gansey in Aran (cream) wool
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Other colours available include various shades of red, green and blue, and lighter shades, such as cream which has the beneficial side-effect of showing the pattern beautifully. A fully patterned Flamborough Gansey, hand knitted in cream 5-ply wool, and featuring cables, diamonds and moss stitch is shown below, while the distinctive Humber Keel pattern is shown at left in red.
Shown at left is Staithes pattern, which is simple yet elegant, and features a short patterned welt, rather than the deep ribbed welt of most Ganseys.
Flamborough Gansey in Denim Flamborough Gansey in Ocean Deep
Flamborough Ganseys shown in “Denim” colour 5-ply wool at right and “Ocean Deep” above
In addition to the North- East Ganseys, we have also knitted the much more intricate Aran style. The one shown above was a special order which, due to its intricacy, is only available at a premium over the normal Gansey price.
Beautiful patterns in an array of colours
Whitby pattern in navy
The Gansey
For authentic hand-knitted Ganseys, Gansey Knitting Kits, Armor Lux striped cotton Breton shirts and a range of traditional wool knitwear from Le Tricoteur (the original Guernseys) and Armor Lux of France
Flamborough Marine Limited : Traditional Knitwear & Hand-Knitted Ganseys The Manor House, Flamborough, Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire. YO15 1PD Telephone: 01262 850943    [International: +44 1262 850943] E-mail:  gm@flamboroughmarine.co.uk
Authentic hand-knitted Ganseys, Gansey Knitting Kits, striped cotton Breton shirts, traditional wool knitwear from Le Tricoteur (Guernseys) and Armor Lux of France
Classic Heritage sweater hand-knitted in one piece  Ideal for sailing, boating, fishing, walking, golf, shooting or any outdoor activity (or indoors if you want to turn the heating down) Home of the GANSEY

 The Gansey? :

A Gansey is a distinctive woollen sweater, originally designed to provide protection for fishermen from wind and water but which is ideal for all outdoor activity. Using a tightly spun 5-ply worsted wool (popularly known as "Seamen's Iron") the intricately patterned Gansey is knitted in one piece on five steel needles. The patterning to back and front and, in some cases, the upper part of the sleeve provides an extra layer of protection, while the combination of seamless construction, fine wool and tight knitting produced a garment that is both wind and waterproof. Indeed, every part of the garment is designed with practicality in mind. The wool is knitted tightly so as to "turn water"; the lack of seams ensures greater strength and impermeability; the underarm gusset allows freedom of movement; the lower sleeves where most wear is sustained, are left plain so the worn part can be unravelled and re-knitted, while the patterning across the chest provides extra insulation. Note that the patterning is the same, back and front. This means that the Gansey is reversible, so that areas which come in for heavier wear, such as the elbows, can be alternated.
Exhibition Gansey
Filey Pattern Detail Above is a close-up of the Filey pattern, showing the diamonds (representing nets), the cables and the herringbone which are such a prominent feature of this popular pattern. Although the knitting looks complicated, the patterning is simply a mixture of knit and purl stitches in addition to the cable. The real art of Gansey knitting is, rather, the accomplishment of using five double-ended steel needles. It is possible to use a circular knitting needle for smaller sizes but the number of stitches required for larger sizes (over 300) and the weight of wool means that only steel needles provide a satisfactory result. The other requirement is patience, for each Gansey takes a minimum of four weeks to knit.
As the Gansey is a traditional garment, with an age-old pattern, it can never go out of fashion. For example, we were approached by a design student who wanted to take the basic garment and then make it ever more eye-catching. To do this she needed a specially dyed wool, which we were able to arrange. The result, a one-off, was faithfully knitted in one piece to the authentic pattern but in a striking shade and was subsequently exhibited at the London Fashion Design Show. It is because of our commitment to keeping the Gansey tradition alive that This England referred to "Flamborough Marine Ltd, who now perpetuate the north-eastern art of knitting ‘gansey’ sweaters, a tradition which once seemed likely to die out". Note that this Staithes pattern has a short welt with a split at each side (not visible) in contrast to the more traditional long ribbed welt of other designs.
Flamborough Gansey in Aran (cream) wool An Eriskay Gansey
Flamborough Marine Your source for authentic hand-knitted Ganseys, Gansey Knitting Kits, plus a range of quality, traditional knitwear and Armor Lux pure cotton Breton shirts We pride ourselves on our personal attention to detail. If you are at all unsure about any aspect of our products, telephone, write or e-mail us with your query which will be answered promptly and, we hope, knowledgeably. We wish to ensure that you are completely satisfied before making a purchase, as well as after.

Authentic Fisherman’s Ganseys

Hand-knitted in one piece in the traditional way, using 5-ply worsted wool. We usually hold a stock of navy Ganseys in Flamborough and Filey patterns available for immediate dispatch; however, for special orders, other patterns or colours, please allow approximately 6 weeks for knitting (and more for larger sizes). We are capable of producing a Gansey from any recorded pattern. Please note that for special orders we require payment in advance. The wool used for knitting Ganseys is not specially oiled, but relies on a combination of close knitting and a tight spinning twist for its weatherproof qualities. The Gansey was originally a working garment so they are worn fairly close-fitting but should not be uncomfortable. The patterning on them means that they can never be “baggy” and, in fact, they have a tendency to “close-up”. In general, for the more heavily patterned Ganseys, such as Flamborough or Filey, we recommend taking your ordinary, unexpanded, chest measurement and adding four inches. So if your normal chest measurement is 42 inches you would require a size 46. For the plainer patterns, two inches should suffice. The other dimensions (overall length and sleeve length) can be adjusted to suit your requirements but, as a guide, on average, a size 46 Gansey would have an overall length (from the neck to the bottom, but not counting the raised neck portion) of 28 to 29 inches, with a sleeve length of 22 to 23 inches. The Ganseys are straight-sided, as the body is knitted as one piece, then the stitches for the sleeve are picked up and the sleeve is knitted downward. There is a slight taper but the upper and lower arm measurement for the sleeves should be virtually identical (with the measurement above referring to the average, being a measurement taken from the centre of the sleeve edge where it joins the body, to the end of the cuff). To reiterate, please bear in mind the propensity of the Ganseys to "close up" to the body, with the heavily-patterned Ganseys, especially those with a number of cables, closing up further, so that the finished product gives the impression of being smaller than they are : when placing a special order with a knitter we instruct them to cast on a requisite number of stitches, based on a knitting tension of eight stitches to the inch.
Size (inches) (cm) Price 36" chest 92cm £310 38" chest 97cm £320 40" chest 102cm £330 42" chest 107cm £340 44" chest 112cm £350 46" chest 117cm £360 48" chest 122cm £370 50" chest 127cm £380 52" chest 132cm £390 54" chest 137cm £400 Large or smaller, please inquire  
Please note that these are ACTUAL GARMENT SIZES We recommend that you order at least two inches larger than chest size and, in the case of the more heavily patterned designs, such as Flamborough and Filey, possibly four inches larger.   Please contact us if in doubt. Details of postage charges for UK and International destinations are shown on the "Ordering Information" page.
Ganseys for all the family! Gansey montage Classic Filey Gansey Current range of 5-ply wool colours

Current range of 5-ply wool colours

The colours are shown as accurately as possible. However, due to the limitations of the scanning process, the colours may vary slightly from the wool actually supplied.   In particular, “Ocean Deep” is a difficult colour to scan accurately. A larger swatch of this colour is shown at left

Not all Ganseys are in Navy

Pictured here is a Filey Gansey, featuring cables, diamonds, ladders and herringbone. Like the Flamborough Gansey, the Filey is fully patterned from the shoulder to just above the welt. Other designs are half-patterned, providing an extra layer of protection across the chest, while the bottom half is plain.
Gansey Price List

You are never too young to own a Gansey

Flamborough Pattern in Crushed Raspberry Flamborough Gansey in Denim colour 5-ply wool

Flamborough Pattern

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A common misconception   The wool used for knitting Ganseys is not specially oiled, but relies on a combination of close knitting and a tight spinning twist for its weatherproof qualities.  

Supremely comfortable due to the seamless construction